O or E

Story or Mystery?

Overwhelm or Effortlessness... *)

The "me" identity in our stories is the cause of all suffering.

Life is not a problem but a gift, a mystery.

We cannot solve a mystery, we can only experience it.

Thank you Mauro for your humble words:

The Wonder of UnKnowing, Mauro Bergonzi

It takes a universe to make a sandwich

*) Some humor helps, to bravely allow more inner space, here and now.

To discover and relax our personal "me" thinking.

To relax our nervous system from the trauma and tension of the seeming past.

"Happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances"

...is available! Not as a consumable, but as the outcome of an effortless reconditioning that happens on its own; it is a subtle gift of Grace and Love. The old "me" might freak out occasionally while our inner discernment becomes easier and more subtle.

Take your side: do you want to be free in your person, or free from your person?

You choose, Love answers: overwhelm or synchronicity?

Mechanical Peace: Tools and Habits

All words are concessions. We can understand our own mind in order to be free of our (innocently) self-inflicted (but willfully defended) slavery.

In our daily life we can have a trusted system in place that helps us to practically and efficiently accommodate for the seeming limitations of our mind.

Our mind is not a storehouse for useless information, but a precious decision-making tool. Mind is not a problem, but if we are not home, if we don't know and enjoy our true nature then mind is lost in the world.

If you are sincerely interested in productivity and peace of mind then I am happily available to consult with you:


Psychological Peace: Attitudes

All words are concessions. Alone it seems impossible to pull ourself up on our boot straps, but when two or more are together, increasingly in love in/with/as I AM – Consciousness – then change happens naturally.

We are in this together, we are not cut-off isolated entities that need to fight for survival and struggle for future happiness.

Coming together in the GardenOfFriends.com is priceless; being human includes aspects that mind cannot understand or even rejects.

"Do you want to be free in your person, or free from your person" sounds maybe confusing at first, but it is not rocket-science, once we agree on some basic concepts.

We just need to show up (no need anymore to show off) and Life takes care of life: "Yes please..."